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[May 2022]

What to do before receiving aesthetic medical treatment - Advice for young consumers

Sample Cases

[Case 1]
I saw a social media ad "Total hair removal 100,000 yen." When I visited the clinic, a doctor recommended me a more expensive treatment by saying, "The advertised one is less effective. We will provide you a 700,000-yen treatment at a special price of 600,000 yen." Then, I happened to make a contract for the treatment. Later, I regretted my decision and requested the cooling-off period. The clinic doesn't accept my request.
(man in his 20s)
[Case 2]
Seeing a social media ad "Double eyelid surgery in one day! Makeup is possible from the day of surgery," I applied for counseling with the clinic. The counselor said, "There will be no swelling if you choose 500,000-yen surgery," "In addition, it's better to remove excess fat from bags under your eyes." Then, I signed up for cosmetic surgery of 900,000 yen in total. I underwent the surgery on the day of counseling. Even after a week, the swelling does not go away. The clinic didn't give me any explanation on risks.
(woman in her 20s)

Problems and Advice

In the field of aesthetic medical treatment, there has been a rise in inquiries and complaints from young consumers in their 10s and 20s who begin to take an interest in beauty care.

(1) Do not make a contract or receive treatment on the spot!

In general, aesthetic medical treatment is not urgent. Be careful when you are encouraged to receive treatment different from the one advertised (e.g. "The outcome of the advertised treatment will be less satisfactory,") and when you are pressed to receive treatment (e.g. "You can get discount if you make a contract or receive treatment today.") Do not accept to make a contract or receive treatment on the day of counseling without careful consideration.

(2) Check if prohibited expressions are used in the ad! Do not make a contract with any clinic placing illegal ads

Clinics are not allowed to place ads using the following expressions.

  • Groundless data: "_% satisfaction," "The treatment achieves 99% efficacy"
  • "Fashion model visited our clinic!"
  • Photos taken before and after treatment are shown, but no details of treatment, costs, risks, etc. are explained.
  • "Bargain! Only _yen now," "50% discount for a limited time"

(3) Inquire about risks and side effects beforehand

Do not believe ads and claims purporting low risks, such as "less pain" and "Makeup is possible on the day of treatment." Ask your doctor to explain the following during counseling prior to treatment. Have a good understanding before you make a choice.

  • Degree of pain during treatment
  • Length of downtime*, possible symptoms
  • Possibility of complications and after effects
  • Presence of alternative methods
  • Name, efficacy, side effects, etc. of medicine to be used

(4) Reaching adulthood at the age of 18! Think twice before making a contract

As a general rule, an adult consumer cannot unilaterally rescind a contract. Aesthetic medical treatment is more or less invasive to the body. Do not receive treatment on the day of counseling. Carefully compare the efficacy and risks.

  1. * In some cases, aesthetic medical treatment may cause swelling, pain, internal bleeding, etc. Downtime means the time requiring to recover from such symptoms and return to normal life.