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Skin damage caused by tattoo sticker and face paint, such as irritation when removing! People with metal allergies and children need special care (News)
Over 400,000 troubles experienced by consumers aged 60 or older! Learn from current problems to prevent them in the future (News)


Consumer Hotline for Tourists icon

Consumer Hotline for Tourists

The Consumer Hotline for Tourists offers telephone advice for overseas visitors to Japan who have experienced consumer detriment while visiting Japan. Feel free to call this hotline if you have trouble with a store, restaurant, bar, etc. during your visit.

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Consultation Cases

This section introduces cases of inquiries received from consumers and consultation results thereof in detail. Each article describes how they solved problems, difficulties and points to note.

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About NCAC

This section outlines the aim of establishment, main activities and so forth of the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, Incorporated Administrative Agency.