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November 2014 - NCAC NEWS(Vol.26 No.4)

Injury/fatal accident

  1. Beware accidents involving spray cans: Even accidents involving the use of cold sprays and the puncturing of spray cans have occurred
  2. Exercise caution when using free-standing one-push mosquito repellents

Property damage

  1. Once it's gone, it's too late! Protecting against loss/theft of mobile phones: Inquiries about costly fraudulent charges and fears of data theft are on the rise!
  2. The importance of "watchful" and "attentive" family members and acquaintances: Trouble for elderly consumers with dementia or dementia-like condition has reached a new historic high!


  1. Fiscal 2013 Summary of Consumer Issues Received Through PIO-NET
  2. Fiscal 2013 Summary of Harmful and Hazardous Incident Information Through PIO-NET