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[June 2019]

Beware of unexpected cash on delivery parcels and unrelated foreign packets

Recently more and more inquiries and complaints about unexpected delivery of goods have been received by local consumer affairs centers, Cross-border Consumer Center Japan, Consumer Trouble Mailbox* and so forth. Some consumers were directed to pay for delivered goods under the cash on delivery method although they had not ordered them. Some other consumers received packets from overseas without sender's information.

In order to prevent similar problems, NCAC decided to issue an alert to consumers.

  1. * Consumer Trouble Mailbox: a data collecting section on NCAC's website set up in April 2002 in order to promptly grasp the actual status of consumer damage in Japan and to prevent the occurrence of similar problems

Sample cases

[Case1] Unexpected cash on delivery parcel! It seems someone used my name and placed an order.
A parcel was delivered to me from an online sales company with cash on delivery. I was not at home then, and my family member paid about 3,000 yen and received the parcel. Looking at the parcel, I felt strange because my name was written as a sender. I opened the parcel and found a lighter which I had never ordered. I want to get a full refund.
(inquiry from a man in his 50s via Consumer Trouble Mailbox in May 2019)
[Case2] A foreign packet was posted. There's no sender's information.
A packet was posted to my home. Sender's information was not written on it. Since I opened the packet, it was not possible for me to refuse accepting it, according to the delivery company. The packet contained just a key holder. I never paid for it. My credit card was not charged for it. It appears that the packet was sent from overseas. How should I handle the object?
(inquiry from a woman in her 30s in April 2019)

Advice for consumers

Remember the following when you receive a product without having ordered it.

  1. If you receive a product without having ordered it, do not accept it.
  2. Even if you have accepted it, you don't need to pay for it.
  3. If such a product has been sent to you with cash on delivery and you have paid for it, report the matter to the sales company and the delivery company right away.
  4. In case of delivery from overseas, do not send it back without careful consideration.
  5. Discuss the issue with your family so that you can be prepared.
  6. If you receive a product without having ordered it, consult your local consumer affairs center right away.