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History of NCAC

May 1970
Act on the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan(NCAC Law) passed and announced
Oct. 1970
Inauguration of NCAC
Apr. 1971
First issue of 'Gekkan Kokumin Seikatsu'(People's Life monthly magazine)published
Oct. 1971
Consumer administration staff training and courses for consumers began
Oct. 1971
NCAC-sponsored television and radio programs started
Jul. 1972
Moved to newly-built NCAC Building in Minato Ward
Feb. 1973
First use of computers
Nov. 1974
First comparative product testing
Jan. 1975
Consumer counselor training courses started
Mar. 1980
Product testing and training facilities completed in Sagamihara, Kanagawa
Feb. 1981
First issue of bimonthly magazine 'Tashikana me'(Critical Eyes)
Apr. 1984
PIO-NET debuted
Oct. 1988
First issue of 'Shohi-Seikatsu Nenpo'(The Annual Report on Consumer Affairs)published
Oct. 1990
Commemorated 20th anniversary
Jul. 1991
Inauguration of Official Qualified Consumer Counselor system
Dec. 1991
'Tashikana me'(Critical Eyes) becomes monthly
Oct. 1995
Establishment of Special Committee for Handling Consumer Complaints
Oct. 1995
Internet home page started
Apr. 1997
Reorganization of organizational structure
Jun. 1997
Establishment of Advisory Committee for NCAC activities
Oct. 1998
Internet home page renewed
Mar. 1999
Facilities to analyze home accidents built
Oct. 2000
Commemorated 30th anniversary
Jan. 2001
Governing agency changed from Economic Planning Agency to Cabinet Office due to central government reorganization
Mar. 2001
Training center for Information Technology built at the Product Testing and Training Facilities
Apr. 2001
Establishment of new section for analyzing and supporting Consumer Contract Act
Dec. 2001
'Tashikana me'(Critical Eyes) celebrated its 20th anniversary
Cabinet decided to transform NCAC into an incorporated agency
Jul. 2002
Internet home page started to provide information for cell phone users
Aug. 2002
Various data accumulated by PIO-NET partially opened to the public via Internet home page
Dec. 2002
Act on the NCAC, Incorporated Administrative Agency passed(as of December 4,2002)
Oct. 2003
Incorporated administrative agency National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan established(as of October 1,2003)
Oct. 2003
Reorganization of organizational structure
Apr. 2005
The operation of PIO-NET is completely transferred from the Cabinet office
Apr. 2005
Consultation related to protection of personal information launched
Apr. 2007
Product Safety Information Section launched
Apr. 2008
First issue of new 'Gekkan Kokumin Seikatsu'published as a result of the integration with 'Tashikana me'
May 2008
Act on the NCAC, Incorporated Administrative Agency amended(as of May 2,2008)
Apr. 2009
ADR Committee established to undertake the Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) procedures
Jan. 2010
Sat. Sun. Holiday Consultation started to support local consumer centers
Mar. 2010
Revamped PIO-NET, PIO-NET2010 debuted
Oct. 2010
Commemorated 40th anniversary
Jun. 2011
Consumer Hotline(weekdays) started to backing up local consumer centers
May 2012
'Gekkan Kokumin Seikatsu', published on the website
Jul. 2013
Lunch Break Consultation started (tentatively)