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[October 2022]

Beware of entertaining and modeling job offers!

Sample Case

I saw an online ad "Applicants to appear on TV shows wanted" and I contacted an entertainment agency on the ad. I visited the entertainment agency to have an interview. Then I passed the interview. The agency recommended me to make a contract to join the agency by saying, "If you join our agency, you will surely be on TV. We've decided to create a dancing and singing group. You can receive lessons to be one of the group members. Please join us. I think you have potential as an entertainer." The agency continued as follows: "In order to join our agency, an initial enrollment fee of 100,000 yen is usually required. Now the fee is 50,000 yen for a limited time. In addition, about 30,000 yen is required per month. Instead, we will offer you many jobs. The number of applicants will soon reach the limit, so please decide quickly!" I was hurried and made a contract on the spot. Thereafter, the entertainment agency has not offered any TV job or lesson.

(woman in her 20s)

Problems and Advice

Local consumer affairs centers and the like across Japan have received numerous complaints and inquiries about entertaining and modeling job offers, particularly from young consumers in their 10s to 20s. In addition to scouting on the street, an audition is recently used as a lure to attract young people. It is often the case that when a consumer contacts an entertainment agency on an online ad, the agency has an interview with the consumer and induces the person to make an expensive contract for lessons and management.

(1) Watch out for sales pitch! They play on the longing for entertainment and give consumers false hope

Malicious businesses play on consumers' longing for entertainment and induce consumers to make a contract for paid lessons and management. Beware of sweet talk, for instance, "If you make a contract today, you can appear on movies and fashion shows," "Although you didn't pass the audition, you are talented. We will offer you lessons."

Some of the businesses recommend you to obtain a loan to make a contract by saying "Don't worry, you can have a job soon." Even if you receive lessons, you may not have any job and reward. Take advice from your family and people around you to make a cool-headed decision.

(2) Don't sign a contract on the spot! Carefully check specific activities, support system and expenses

Some of the businesses do not offer any lesson or job. Don't sign a contract on the spot! Carefully check contract details, such as specific activities and support offered by the entertainment agency. If there's any fee required, check the breakdown.

(3) Since the revision of the Civil Act, the age of adulthood is 18!

Since the age of adulthood in Japan was lowered from 20 to 18, young consumers aged 18 and 19 can also make a contract by themselves. On the other hand, they cannot rescind a contract unilaterally.

(4) Chance of cooling-off

In case of door-to-door sales (incl. appointment sales and confidence tricks) under the Act on Specified Commercial Transaction, consumers can exercise the cooling-off right in writing or email until the eighth day of receiving the documents specified in the Act.