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[April 2024]

Message from the President

Welcome to the website of the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan (NCAC).

Message from the President YAMADA Akinori

NCAC has addressed consumer issues for over 50 years since its establishment in 1970 (Refer to the 50th anniversary commemorative publication – NCAC history since 1970 (Japanese version)). The consumer affairs administration took a major step forward after the establishment of the Consumer Protection Fundamental Act in 1968. The act was revised to the Basic Act on Consumer Policies in 2004. The Consumer Affairs Agency was founded in 2009. Consumer affairs centers were established across Japan and consumer affairs consultants were increased, which enhanced administrative services for consumers at regional level. As a core institution working on consumer issues in everyday life, NCAC has addressed changing consumer issues in order to contribute to the stabilization and improvement of the lives of the people.

NCAC works on a wide range of tasks. The most essential function is to help prevent potential consumer problems and support resolution of existing consumer problems related to transactions of products and services. In recent years, consumer affairs centers and the like across Japan receive around 900,000 inquiries and complaints per year from consumers who have encountered trouble or held concerns. It is said that consumer issues reflect society. As consumption behavior changes, consumer problems change. Recently, there have been numerous consumer problems stemmed from the use of the Internet and online transactions such as those related to subscription, side jobs or investment triggered by social media. NCAC is enhancing the support for resolving consumer problems in response to advancing digital network society. In order to increase capacity for consumer affairs consultation, NCAC will advance digital transformation in the consumer affairs consultation system in cooperation with the Consumer Affairs Agency.

NCAC entered the fifth medium-term objectives period in fiscal 2023. In line with the fifth medium-term plan, NCAC aims at advancing digital transformation in the consumer affairs consultation system, improving information provision, enhancing human resource development, reforming work styles, etc. The fifth medium-term objectives also include support for qualified consumer organizations under the Act for the Partial Revision of the Consumer Contract Act and the Act on National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, established in December 2022 as one of the measures against fraudulent business practices (e.g. spiritual-pressure sales method), making a written rule for announcing companies in question, enhancing training courses, etc. All the medium-term objectives are important, so NCAC will adhere to them based on the fifth medium-term plan.

In addition to applying DX technologies and addressing the changing consumer environment, NCAC will continue to work on the following: collecting and analyzing consumer affair consultation data; sharing accurate and helpful information through various means about products and services that may cause harm to consumers based on test results and findings; supporting consumer affairs centers across Japan; informing the government and businesses and requesting necessary actions from them.

Moreover, NCAC would like to provide a hotline service in a timely way for urgent matters such as consultation related to unscrupulous sales after natural disasters (e.g. earthquake, storm and flood). NCAC will also continue to share input for supporting the elderly and ensuring safety for children.

NCAC will keep making efforts to prevent and minimize consumer detriment in cooperation with consumers, businesses and administrative authorities. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Photo of Mr. YAMADA, President